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Licensing Forms

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Form Name Form Number
Application for Liquor License - Retail 100
Corporate Insert - Form 3a 101 (3a)
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Insert - Form 3b 102 (3b)
Application for Manager Insert - Form 3c 103 (3c)
Individual Insert - Form 1 104
Partnership Insert - Form 2 105
Catering License Application 106
Shipper Application to Wholesalers Class S, Class T 107
Application for Special Designated License (SDL) 108
Application for Addition 110
Application for Change of Location 111
Application for Deletion 112
Application for Reconstruction 113
Application for Liquor License - Railroad, Airline 114
Alcoholic Liquor Tax Bond No Number
Affidavit of Non-Participation 116
Change of Corporate officers and/or stockholder 117
Change of Limited Liability Company (LLC) Member(s) 118
Application for Limited Partnership Insert - Form 2b 119 (2b)
Cigar Shop Certification 121
License Fee Schedule 123
Application for Temporary Operating Permit (T.O.P.) 125
Application for Liquor License - Farm Winery 126
Application for Liquor License - Craft Brewery (Brewpub) 127
Application for Liquor License - Wholesaler 128
Applicaiton for Liquor License - Manufacturer 129
Application for Liquor License - Microdistillery 130
Application for Liquor License - Non Beverage 131
Application for Liquor License - Boat 132
Supplemental waiver within 150' of church 134
Supplemental waiver within 300' of campus 135
Application for Liquor License - Entertainment District 136
Request for Change in Partnership 137
Update Retail License Information 138
Affidavit for Updating Shipper License Information-LLC 139
Request for Waiver of Double Fencing Rule on SDLs 140
Application for Restricted Farm Winery License 141
Direct Shipper to Consumers Application 142
Authorization to Conduct inspection on Tribal or Indian Land 143
Request for Transfer of Alcohol - Retailer to Retailer 144
Request for Hardship Status 145
Request to File Citizen Protest 146
Submission of Fingerprints-Payment of Fees to NSP-CID 147
Application For Adding Spouse 148
Applicantion for Pedal Pub 150
New Applicant Guideline 160
Growler Endorsement 165
Application for Sacramental Wine Permit 170
Cigar Shop Employee Waiver 180
Order Keg Registration Books 7129
Order Law Book 7120
Order Active License Roster 4189
Application for Permit to Solicit for Future Sales 300
Applicaiton for Sacramental Wine Permit No Number

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