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Classes of Licenses

Retail | Miscellaneous | Shipper | Special Designated License | Combination License


Class Description
Class A Beer, On Sale Only
Class B Beer, Off Sale Only
Class C Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits, On & Off Sale
Class D Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits, Off Sale Only
Class I Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits, On Sale Only
Class L Craft Brewery (Brew Pub)
Class V Manufacturer of Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits
Class W Wholesale Beer
Class X Wholesale Liquor
Class Y Farm Winery


Class Description
Class N1 Non-Beverage Use
Class N2 Non-Beverage Use
Class N3 Non-Beverage Use
Class N4 Non-Beverage Use
Class N5 Non-Beverage Use
Class O Boat
Class P Airplane
Class R Railroad

Class Description
Class S Liquor Shipper
Class S1 Direct Alcohol
Class T Beer Shipper

One day license for nonprofit type organizations who are tax exempt by the IRS, or a retail licensee who wishes to hold an event off his licensed premises. Allowed 6 days per calendar year, unless the licensee also holds a catering license, then unlimited days are allowed

Combination License
Class Description
Class AB Beer On/Off Sale
Class ABK Beer On/Off Sale/Catering
Class AD Beer On Sale/Alcohol Liquor Off Sale
Class ADK Beer On Sale/Alcohol Liquor Off Sale/Catering
Class AK Beer On Sale Only/Catering
Class BK Beer Off Sale Only/Catering
Class CK Alcohol Liquor On/Off Sale/Catering
Class DK Alcohol Liquor Off Sale/Catering
Class IB Alcohol Liquor On Sale/Beer Off Sale
Class IBK Alcohol LIquor On Sale/Beer Off Sale/Catering
Class ID Alcohol Liquor On/Off Sale
Class IDK Alcohol Liquor On/Off Sale/Catering
Class IK Alcohol Liquor On Sale/Catering
Class LK Brew Pub/Catering
Class YK Farm Winery/Catering

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