At varying ages, individuals may participate in the “World of Alcoholic; Beverages” in a limited manner, however it must be in the course of their employment, and as set forth in the Nebraska Liquor Control Act.

Upon Reaching 16

  1. An employee may stock, sack and carry out alcoholic beverages from licensed establishments, although she/he must be accompanied by a person over 21 years of age. (can be the purchaser) A grocery pick-up lane is considered a carry-out function.

  2. An employee may remove empty liquor containers as a waiter, waitress or busboy of a restaurant, hotel, etc.

  3. An employee may not scan, or accept any form of payment for alcoholic beverages.

Upon Reaching 19
  1. An employee may serve, sell and dispense alcoholic beverages.
  2. An employee may place orders and accept deliveries of alcoholic beverages in the normal course of business with licensed wholesalers.
Other Age Related Considerations
  1. Other than stated above, an individual under the age of 21, may not buy, sell, dispense or have in their possession or physical control any alcoholic beverage in Nebraska. (except in his/ her permanent place of residence)

  2. Licensee must not permit possession or consumption of alcoholic beverage by a minor on license premise, even if served by a third party.

  3. Any employee may be charged criminally for selling or serving an alcoholic beverage to any minor.
  4. Immediate underage family members of licensees are not exempt from any of these provisions.
  5. No parent or guardian shall permit any minor to possess or consume alcoholic beverages, outside of their permanent place of residence.